Vibration Analysis

Vibration can be an indication of a developing fault condition and can cause impairment in other equipment and structures. Early detection of vibration is essential in order to avoid critical damage, expensive repair and possibly health and safety hazards.

It can be minute and perhaps not even noticeable but when it is, it can become troublesome and lead to unwanted consequences.

Vibration is found in most rotating equipment, and changes to this vibration often indicate the onset of a developing fault which if left unchecked can lead to failure and unplanned downtime.

A variety of methods can be used in order to monitor and analyse vibration data. AVT Reliability offer a full range of services for monitoring vibration on rotating equipment, pipework and in structures, providing advice and solutions to ultimately improve plant reliability.

Structural Vibration

In structures and particularly in plant pipework, plant vibrations can cause fatigue in the structure. Up to 15% of all failures and resulting downtime is caused by vibration induced fatigue. What might seem like minor vibration at the source is most likely to be amplified creating serious issues and potential damage.

Vibration Analysis for Rotating Equipment

On rotating equipment, vibration monitoring can be used to detect a wide range of failure modes such as bearing problems, misalignment, imbalance, mounting soft foot, mechanical looseness, resonance, and many more. Our team of engineers are certified ISO Category 2 (or higher) vibration analysts.

Pipework Vibration Assessments

In general, pipework vibration is most commonly a result of insufficient pipe supports, where it was never designed to resist vibration. Although some main line excitation problems could be removed by process changes such as reduced flow rates or by changing pipe diameter and wall thickness, the most common solutions are retro-fit which can be fitted without changing or interrupting operations. 

AVT Reliability offer packages providing a full range of pipework vibration assessments, problem solving solutions and training based upon the good practice guidelines in the Energy Institute publication: ‘Guidelines for the Avoidance of Vibration Induced Fatigue Failure in Process Pipework’ 2nd edition, 2008. Our services are aimed at minimising the risk of incurring loss, damage and downtime from vibration induced failures of process plant pipework. 

Vibration Services

Services can be offered as part of an on-going condition based maintenance program or as one off troubleshooting exercises to address particular issues. AVT Reliability can conduct comprehensive surveys, which include visual observations alongside vibration and strain measurements to further assess any areas of concern immediately and under the prevailing operating conditions.

On-site measurements of dynamic strain and vibration use multi-channel instrumentation systems, together with the analysis and assessment of the measured data as well as fatigue life analysis.

These methods include:

  • Multi-channel vibration monitoring systems
  • Dynamic Strain Measurement and Fatigue Analysis
  • Dynamic Pressure (pulsation) Measurement
  • Quantitative ‘Likelihood of Failure’ Assessments
  • Visual Surveys

Predictive Techniques can be deployed, including:

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Vibration analysis can be undertaken by our experts as part of a condition monitoring program, sole project or off site. We offer a range of flexible options to suit the needs of your business.

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