Undetected failure is not an option

Effective condition monitoring not only needs the right equipment but also the ability to interpret data correctly in order to make a diagnosis, ensuring on going reliability. Condition monitoring is a multifaceted system bringing all the various techniques together including but not exclusive to vibration, lubrication and thermal analysis. To successfully monitor the condition of equipment, you need to able to bring all the data generated by these tasks into a meaningful outcome that will drive action in response.

Passionate about Reliability

When using modern instrumentation for the on-site measurement of real data relating to the behaviour of plant, machinery and structures - The expertise required is complex, specific and can takes years to be fully conversant. AVT Reliability® has extensive knowledge and experience gained over many years of condition monitoring, improving reliability, safety, and energy optimisation..... all leading to less downtime and ultimately achieving cost savings as a direct result.

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Proactive maintenance and reliability strategies for industry

A number of solutions are available using the company’s extensive experiences into integrated condition monitoring programs working alongside existing maintenance teams. Whether you choose to totally outsource or integrate with your existing maintenance team, AVT Reliability® is able to tailor its approach according to your business needs.

Combined with a flexible approach, your business can benefit from extensive first hand knowledge around reliability in numerous industries and sectors. By taking advantage of this vast experience, you can have total confidence in the abilities as experts in condition monitoring.

A revolutionary new approach

Machine Sentry® is a unique Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solution which integrates all condition monitoring techniques and watchkeeping data, enabling effective maintenance planning and management reporting.

We all want to get better performance from our business, and to improve performance requires good analytics.

Machine Sentry