Rotating Equipment Training

Balancing Rotating Machinery

The Balancing of Rotating Machinery course covers single and two plane balancing techniques for both rigid and flexible rotors. It includes topics such as pre-balance checks, influence coefficients, balance quality and tolerances and residual unbalance testing. The workshops and demonstrations, scheduled throughout the training course, are used to illustrate theory and applications.

Topics Include

  • What is unbalance
  • Collecting vibration and phase readings
  • Understanding vectors
  • Single plane balancing
  • Estimating the size for the trial weight
  • Adding weights
  • Two-plane balancing
  • The static-couple method
  • Balancing overhung machines
  • A quick review of balancing flexible rotors
  • Balancing standards
  • The four-run method – balancing without phase
  • We will demonstrate the entire process, and you will also be able to take readings and balance a machine
Alec McCann Balancing Rotating Machinery One day training course Kirkcaldy, UK 21st August Book this Course
Alec McCann Balancing Rotating Machinery One day training course Warrington, UK 6th November Book this Course


Bearing Mounting and Dismounting

This 2 day training seminar can be delivered at our facilities or on-site.

This course provides an introduction to rolling element bearings, how to mount and dismount different types of bearings, maintenance of bearings and an introduction to analysis of defects.

Topics will include:

  • Basic theory of rolling element bearings.
  • The fundamentals of rolling element bearing technology including types and nomenclature; components; common terminology; types of loads and lubrication regimes.
  • Factors that affect the performance and life of rolling element bearings including quality of the bearing; operating environment and maintenance activities.
  • Mounting and dismounting of bearings including proper mounting & dismounting techniques with a variety of different equipment; the effects of improper handling; incorrect maintenance procedures and lack of or incorrect lubrication procedures.
  • Basics of lubrication including understanding the importance of proper lubrication selection for a specific application; increasing bearing life by understanding lubrication principles and the functions of a lubricant; understanding the principles of a proper lubrication regime (how much and how often).
  • An introduction to bearing failure mechanisms, their causes and how to analyse them.
  • An introduction to actual bearing failures and how to understand the failure mechanism
Alec McCann Bearing Mounting & Dismounting Two day training Seminar Warrington, UK 22nd May-23rd May Book this Course
Alec McCann Bearing Mounting & Dismounting Two day training Seminar Available on site or at an AVT facility - Book this Course

Machine Alignment

The proper alignment of rotating equipment and maintaining the optimum operating conditions is essential when looking to obtain improved machine reliability and reduced energy consumption.

Topics include:

  • The principles of rotating objects such as loads, forces and resulting vibration; parallel, angular and combination alignment
  • Different methods of measurement including using clock gauges (rim & face; reverse double dial) and laser alignment systems.
  • Necessary pre alignment checks such as rough alignment; identify and eliminate soft-foot conditions; identify and eliminate piping strain.
  • How to move the machine using shims; different mechanical methods; the tools available and effects of grouting and fixings.
  • Problems with repeatability and what causes them, how to troubleshoot and eliminate them.
  • Simple applications including direct coupled and belt driven machines.
  • Thermal expansion and its effects, how to measure, analyse and compensate for this.
  • Alignment problems such as base- and bolt-bound conditions; movement when operating.
Alec McCann Machine Alignment Two day training course Kirkcaldy 16th-17th January  
Alec McCann Machine Alignment Two day training course Warrington 8th-9th October Book this Course

Course outlines can be found in this section, for more detailed information including dates & locations - Please download our training brochure.

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