Pipework Vibration Compliance

This course provides a detailed introduction into the subject of pipework vibration.

Raising the competence and confidence of existing staff to be able to perform their own basic visual inspection and basic pipework vibration surveys and assessments. The course also covers methods for the theoretical assessment of likelihood of failure.

 Topics include:

  • Basic Vibration
  • Main causes & consequences of vibration 
  • Fatigue basics
  • Basic Assessment Methodology
  • Qualitative Assessment
  • Visual Inspection
  • Practical Exercise
  • Basic Vibration measurements and analysis
  • Basic Vibration measurements Practical Exercise 
  • Basic Vibration analysis Practical Exercise
  • Specialist Techniques
  • Corrective Actions
  • Good Design Practice Summary


Neil Parkinson Pipework Vibration Compliance Two day training seminar Available on site or at an AVT facility - Book this Course

Course outlines can be found in this section, for more detailed information including dates & locations - Please download our training brochure.

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