Online condition monitoring systems

AVT Reliability’s online condition monitoring systems are based upon the identification of abnormal behaviour through continuous trending of key parameters and the use of automatic level alarms. 

For the continuous monitoring and safeguarding of critical or inaccessible machines in order to provide early warning of issues and prevent unplanned outages. The technique is applicable to many types of common rotating machine types, including: Motors, Compressors, Fans, Drive shafts, Pumps, Gearboxes. 

The 'Online Condition Monitoring' system design is based upon a versatile modular platform, which enables the same system to be configured and optimised for all applications. The resulting system, which is based upon state of the art PLC-HMI technology is extremely powerful, offering the following key features:

  • Unattended continuous monitoring
  • Multi-channel
  • Variety of sensor types
  • Graphical real time display
  • Automatic alarms
  • Data logging
  • Remote interrogation (e.g. via internet)

For the monitoring of critical machines, it is often better to monitor multiple parameters. The versatile system is able to accept inputs from any of the following types of sensor:

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Acoustic Emission (AE)
  • Oil condition
  • Proximity probes (wear-down probes)
  • Any other analogue or digital sensor

For example, a typical basic system may include just vibration alone or vibration and temperature, whereas a more complex system may include additional sensor types.

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