Predictive Maintenance Event in co-operation with Engineers Ireland and MEETA

On Tuesday 19th January AVT Reliability Ireland in cooperation with Engineers Ireland and MEETA hosted an event “Using Predictive Maintenance to Avoid Vibration Induced Pipework Failures” . AVT’s own Pipework Vibration Compliance Specialist Neil Parkinson was invited to discuss the Pipework Failures Issues.

Padraig Leahy, PRO Cork Region, Engineers Ireland said: “We were delighted to have Neil deliver an insightful lecture on this specialist topic and little known quantity. The subject has far reaching applications across many sectors of industry. As well as creating an awareness of the potential problem that is pipe work vibration, the lecture will help to identify cases and the appropriate action to be taken”.

Vibration induced fatigue of process piping systems is an important and fundamental failure mechanism accounting for 15 – 20% of all pipework failures. As well as causing lost production costs for SEVESO registered sites processing hazardous materials; such failures could result in fire, explosion or pollution with catastrophic consequences. By following best practice guidelines from the Energy Institute, the likelihood of failure of susceptible pipework can be significantly reduced.

The event was a success and very well received by attendees from some of Ireland’s largest home-grown and multi-national companies such as Kerry Group, Johnson & Johnson, PM, MEP Construction Engineers, SISK, and Merck.

Liam Doyle, Operations & Business Development Manager for AVT in Ireland said: “It was great to see people from such a diverse set of industries attend this evening’s event which speaks to the growing awareness and interest in Reliability concepts in Ireland. As a Reliability Services & Consultancy company, it was a great opportunity for AVT to increase awareness on this particular aspect of Asset Integrity and Reliability. Obligations for SEVESO / COMAH registered sites notwithstanding, whether it is Oil, Gas, Water, Milk, Chemicals or Spirits; all the associated structural and transport infrastructure is subject to similar stresses and failure modes but with varying consequences.”

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