John Sykes CBM Training Manager – Successfully Completes Mobius Cat IV

I am pleased to report the recent tremendous achievement; of John Sykes, AVT’s CBM Training Manager and Senior Consulting Engineer following a one-week intensive training course in Helsinki and delivered by The Mobius Institute.

John is now qualified to VA Category IV (the pinnacle of Vibration Analysis) and joins a small number of qualified experts in the world. qualified to lead condition monitoring teams having a deep understanding of machine dynamics and failure modes.

The Master Analyst ISO Cat IV course teaches advanced measurement signal processing techniques, torsional vibration, cross-channel measurements, rotor dynamics as well as many other advanced topics.

With this knowledge and qualification as well as over 20 years of field experience, he is able to design tests to solve difficult problems and identify underlying issues to prevent reoccurrence. There is no rotating machines problem too difficult to solve.

This qualification carries the highest regard in the field of machine condition monitoring.

John commented:

“It has been hard work (60 hours online studying for part 1 and 8 hours per day, 2 additional hours in the evening and burning the midnight oil every night) but it’s all been worth it. I’m proud to be one of only 76 Mobius qualified Category IV’s in the world (and one of only 6 in the UK).”

John achieved a fantastic result of 89% pass in his exam, which I put down to not just his preparation and application for the course but also his practical experience; John has been a senior consulting engineer for over 20 years so has a tremendous amount of knowledge to call upon. It definitely helps having such practical experience to achieve such a high mark in the very tough Cat IV Mobius examination!

Of the course content John said:

“I found a lot of the training on rotor dynamics, ODS and multi-plane balancing particularly useful as it has improved my approach to analysis of large complex machinery (Turbines, compressors, gearbox’s). It also develops your confidence especially if talking to OEM’s regarding vibration issues on their machinery. Looking at torsional vibration, calculating stiffness values of machinery, understanding and being able to select the correct isolation, all very useful tools to have!”

Frederic Thomas, Managing Director of AVT Reliability commented:

I would like to pass on my congratulations to John and also offer my thanks to Jason and Bob from Mobius! John is presenting at the BINDT international conference next week in Paris (The rolling element bearing from cradle to grave – How to maximize its life through the application of correct maintenance). Further details of the event can be found at:

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