AVT Reliability sign partnership agreement with ITC UK

ITC Training

AVT Reliability® are pleased to announce that they have signed a regional training partnership agreement with the leading infrared thermography training provider Infrared Training Center, ITC UK.

The agreement allows AVT Reliability® to present ITC infrared thermography training courses to its clients directly.  AVT Reliability® are already agents for FLIR Systems offering infrared cameras from their Electrical/Mechanical, Building and Test and Measurement ranges and the agreement with ITC allows AVT to offer clients a full service. Courses currently available are Introduction to Thermography and Introduction to Electrical Thermography, in the UK and Ireland.

AVT Reliability® are expanding their market footprint rapidly in the UK, Europe and globally, through Machine Sentry®, a market leading condition monitoring solution.

A key benefit of Machine Sentry® is its ability to integrate a range of condition monitoring data into a single web hosted integrated database, which greatly simplifies asset management.  Machine Sentry® has the facility to store thermal imaging data along side vibration, oil analysis and other manually collected data something that is often overlooked by other providers.

AVT Reliability® Technical Authority, P. J. Cloete said:

“AVT Reliability® believe in using the best tools and training to ensure that the best data is always captured. That is why the relationship with FLIR and ITC makes sense…The best imaging solution, the best training, the best CBM service delivery and a world class software solution.”

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