AVT Reliability Enables Sea-Change for Oil & Gas CM

We all know that, for Oil & Gas operators, condition monitoring is an excellent maintenance strategy to enable asset operators a proactive means to reduce non value added preventitive maintenance activity and gain insight into both rotating and static equipment condition.

This technique allows a two pronged approach by firstly allowing streamlining historic maintenance resource requirements to fulfil these preventitive maintenance strategies on both safety critical and production critical systems, but secondly direct these limited resources to the areas where value can be added and ultimately have a direct impact on system availability and lower operational expenditure. The Oil and Gas industry for many decades has adopted condition monitoring in many forms and have been at the forefront of leading proactive maintenance strategies but during these tough times operators are questioning the value and typically high cost of traditional methods for condition monitoring.

AVT Reliability launched Machine Sentry in 2006 and since then have logged over 5 million readings on over 240 client sites in the UK alone. It is the most widely used condition monitoring system in onshore industry sectors, including petrochemical, Food and Beverage and General Manufacturing. That success has come from a previously unsatisfied demand for easy to use monitoring tools, automatic report generation, integration of all techniques (Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, infrared, watch-keeping data etc) and, the key factor which lowered the barriers for such a cost-conscious sector, low cost versus traditional tools.

In the last 18 months and probably due to Oil & Gas operators also having to focusing on cost of production and “thinking outside the box”, Machine Sentry is taking off in this key sector.

Lee McFarlane, AVT Reliabilities General Manager Energy and Infrastructure, outlined some recent contract gains:

"We have just completed the implementation of Machine Sentry on 4 mature North Sea UKCS assets. The contract for AVT provides the operator with 2 AVT consultant engineers deployed across the offshore assets, to carry out integrated condition monitoring and reliability services. The client is already impressed with the improvement they are seeing from having a single holistic condition monitoring and reliability focused service provider."

Paul Stamper, Maintenance & Reliability at Enquest, has managed the process from RFQ to operation and said of AVT,

“I am really impressed with the speed at which the AVT team have integrated with both our offshore and onshore teams, they have identified some high level areas of asset availability risk on both safety and production systems, this has allowed us to direct our resources to enable maximum focus which ultimately affects our bottom line. Their Machine Sentry system is what gives AVT the edge."

Our first Machine Sentry gain was Bluewater on two of their FPSOs 18 months ago and they are very well bought-in to a more cost-effective and powerful system, especially one where they didn’t have to buy a data collector as Machine Sentry works with almost any PDA, it also plugs in to Bentley Nevada panels and easily incorporates the data.

Since then we have even seen interest from Shell, who are now implementing Machine Sentry on their Corrib asset in Ireland; which I am confident will demonstrate better ways of working, especially the fact that using the tri-axial capabilities makes data collection five times faster than the current system.

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