Dynamic Vibration Absorber at an Oil Refinery

AVT Retrofit - Introduction 

Following the failure of a Dynamic Vibration Absorber (DVA) on the K3 compressor suction line AVT have designed a suitable replacement DVA that avoids welding on the tuning bar where previous failures have occurred.


The AVT DVA comprises a pair of tuned masses attached to the pipework using a split-clamp arrangement and has the following advantages:

  • Can be scaled to a range of pipe sizes, forces and frequencies
  • Highly effective cancellation of target frequencies
  • No-weld design avoids fatigue problems


The AVT DVA installation resulted in significant reduction in vibration levels and this was confirmed by before and after vibration measurements as shown below.

AVT Concern Factor* Before = 2.7
AVT Concern Factor* After = 0.6

*Concern Factor (CF) is defined as the closeness of the worst case peak in the vibration spectra to the EI Concern line which is independent of frequency. A CF of 1 is on the EI Concern line and CF of 5 is on the Problem line. 


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