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High levels of vibration in structures, machinery and pipework can cause repeated failures and damage to equipment, which can lead to lengthy downtime, loss of production and expensive repair work.

In rotating equipment, vibration can be a sign of many things including wear or incorrect installation causing misalignment, unbalance or laxity in systems. It could also be a sign of bearing deterioration or worn gear teeth. There could be any number of issues that could cause excessive vibration leading to a potential breakdown in equipment if action isn’t taken.

Machine Vibration

Vibration usually occurs on bearing housings or from machinery supervisory panels outputs. AVT Reliability can help in diagnosis and seek the cause of the fault and be on hand for a suitable remedy.

Structural Resonance

The vibration experienced on non-rotating equipment or supporting structures which could eventually break or cause damage. This can be something relatively small at source but can amplify massively in surrounding components and parts.

Pipework Vibration Measurement

Basic pipework vibration measurement provides a simple method of identifying areas of concern based solely upon measured values of pipework vibration. Surveys include visual observations, vibration measurements and strain measurements. This is an area which falls within AVT’s mains areas of expertise and involves experienced engineers visiting sites with suitable instrumentation to measure and analyse vibration data.

AVT Reliability’s vibration analysis consultants are highly skilled in a wide range of data analysers from simple data collectors to multi-channel systems. By identifying the root cause of any vibration in your equipment or structure, remedial action can taken to eliminate it and give it a better chance in terms reliability and longevity.

By comparing these measurements against vibration assessment criteria presented in our guidelines. AVT Reliability can quickly identify if there is the potential for fatigue damage to occur. In this case vibration control measures should be immediately implemented and/or direct dynamic strain measurement should be undertaken.

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We can survey, monitor and recommend any remedial work on vibration experienced on machinery, structure and pipework. Detailed analysis of vibration on rotating assets and pipework can be provided on a consultancy basis to suit you and your business.

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