Fatigue & Stress

The structural integrity of a building, structure or bridge is of paramount importance for the health and safety of those using them in everyday life. Developing issues in structures are not always obvious to the naked eye and when it is, it can sometimes be too late. The result could be catastrophic with extensive, expensive repairs or even worse a collapse.

All around us are large scale buildings, bridges and structures and many factors within these from beams to columns, cables to trusses can all show signs of stress and potential structural instability. The ground they are positioned on can also move and change which can sometimes result in structural deformities.

Our reliability engineers at AVT have the expertise, equipment and know how on how to determine whether anything is amiss on or around a building, structure or bridge.

AVT has configured many temporary and permanent monitoring systems on static structures, both on-shore and offshore. These typically involve the measurement and analysis of dynamic strains, loads, vibrations and displacements, pressures and temperatures.

Constantly monitoring the structural integrity of a building helps to ensure the future of a building, structure or bridge and should any problems be detected, suitable repairs can take place.

Fatigue Assessments

AVT uses specialist fatigue analysis software from HBM Limited to produce accurate fatigue life estimates of welded structural steels to BS7608, as well as fatigue life estimates of other welded and non-welded components. Fatigue life estimates are based upon actual in-service stress measurements, not theoretical stress predictions.

To understand how AVT Reliability can help to ensure the integrity of your structures as part of a conditioning monitoring program, contact us using the form below.

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