Acoustic Compliance

There is a raft of legislation related to noise in the workplace, in the environment, from products and in buildings. Compliance with this legislation may be a statutory requirement, a contractual requirement or may be an employer’s obligation. Meeting these requirements in a cost effective manner can be tough.

Acoustics is a minefield of strange units and jargon. Even the measurement we use, the dB, can take a while to understand. Someone who is unfamiliar with the field is likely to find meeting the standards or limits a daunting task. Depending on the situation failure could result in fines, project delays, cost overruns and loss of sales.

AVT Reliability can help by explaining the different requirements, assisting with data collection, providing an interpretation of the results and providing certification or advise on mitigation measures. Our experience in a wide variety of applications allows us to identify the most cost effective approach.

Environmental noise and consultancy

For example, the reduction of employee noise exposure may not require the replacement of high value factory machinery; sometimes, a simple change in staff routines can bring about a reduction in their noise exposure. On large capital projects we often find that some noise sources do not need any treatment at all, we just need to concentrate on the main contributors to the environmental noise.

Early involvement in any project will help to minimise redesigns to achieve the goals most effectively.

If you would like more information or to get expert advice on the acoustic compliance of your project, please contact AVT Reliability by filling out the contact form below.

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