Reliability Engineering Consulting

Keeping machinery and equipment reliable and working as expected is not as simple as it may seem. Are you sure your processes are 'best practice' and compliant?

In fact you may already have first hand knowledge of how difficult this might be, but how can you tell when a piece of equipment is about to break down or fail? It’s often not obvious until it’s too late and can sometimes lead to catastrophic failures.

Thankfully there are numerous methods enabling you to learn about the condition of your equipment. Methods include analysis of the likes of vibration, thermal, acoustic and lubrication condition within your equipment, to help you to understand how it is operating. By adopting these methods, the chances of unplanned downtime or breakdowns are significantly reduced leading to increased reliability and uptime saving you time and money.

AVT Reliability engineers can provide an independent review of your maintenance activities compared to industry best-practice in accordance with international standards (E.G. ISO, API & BPMA). Our process measures a company’s condition monitoring program status against ISO 17359 and industry best practice, based on our experience as leaders in condition monitoring since 1976 and key members of BINDT (British Institute of Non Destructive Testing).

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