Machine Sentry

Machine Sentry® is a web hosted condition monitoring solution that provides detailed tools supported by world leading condition monitoring engineers.

We all want to get better performance from our business, and to improve performance requires good analytics. A condition monitoring program is key to improving the performance of your plant and machinery but often companies are put off by the high cost and skill levels required to implement successfully.

revolutionary new Approach

Machine Sentry® offers a cost effective solution coupled with high level analysis support for companies of any size.

It includes an automatic fault diagnosis assistant that can be used to help identify potential issues with rotating equipment. Machine Sentry® doesn’t require you to employ highly qualified reliability engineers as you can access our team of condition monitoring experts.

Machine Sentry® is a unique Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solution which integrates all condition monitoring techniques and watchkeeping data, enabling effective maintenance planning and management reporting.

Machine Sentry’s vibration analysis hardware and software runs on off-the shelf PDAs and via the internet; making it the most versatile and cost-effective solution on the market.Machine Sentry Homepage

At a Glance

  • Modular Cloud Based Machine Sentry® Software – featuring action tracking, watchkeeping, process measurements, thermal imaging, inspections, lubrication management, dashboard and reports
  • Vibration Analysis – With intelligent tri-axis vibration and temperature sensor (patent pending) plus a choice of hand held PDA
  • Fault Diagnosis Assistant – Automatically identifies potential problems present to aid the diagnosis and suggests verification procedures to confirm
  • Oil Analysis – Laboratory oil analysis data is automatically mapped and integrated into the Machine Sentry® database for easy access by all users
  • Machine Sentry® can be used either as a stand alone tool or alongside your existing enterprise system (e.g. SAP, Maximo, PEMAC, etc) and is easily configurable for future expansion.

Hosted Online

Secure access to the software is available from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser. In addition, the mobile software operates on industry standard Windows Mobile PDA’s (Android support available Q3 2016) or other compatible devices.

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Machine Sentry® can schedule, collect and report on the following types of data:
  • Vibration data using our patented Bluetooth® 3-axis sensor
  • Thermal images and temperatures
  • Process parameters such as pressures and flow rates
  • Visual inspection checklists
  • Lubrication usage
  • Lubrication analysis results
Using this data the system can then provide
  • Visual indication of machine status
  • Action tracking
  • Data review and analysis
  • KPI’s and summary dashboards
  • Management Reports

Fault Diagnosis Assistant

Machine Sentry Fault Diagnosis

Machine Sentry® contains an integrated automatic fault diagnostic assistant which offers advice on many common vibration problems which can be detected by a category II vibration analyst.

The Fault Diagnosis Assistant algorithms have been developed by our team of vibration experts using  thousands of hours of vibration data coupled with field experience. The Fault Diagnosis Assistant acts as an aide to the on-site Maintenance team in identifying potential causes for concern.

Machine Sentry uses a combination of ISO standard velocity alarms, acceleration alarms and statistical alarms to highlight assets which are of concern.

The fault diagnosis assistant compares and evaluates multiple vibration measurements taken on an asset in a similar time window to better evaluate the presence of different failure modes.

Having highlighted an issue the engineer can view more information using the fault diagnosis assistant.

This tool assesses multiple readings taken on an asset to assess the likelihood of faults being present, evaluating different aspects of the vibration data from all the readings to assess the faults present. As well as helping to diagnose faults present in the asset, the assistant also suggests verification steps to confirm the diagnosis.

Analyst Support

Need extra assistance?

For customers who do not employ experienced condition monitoring engineers, AVT Reliability provide access to their pool of condition monitoring experts. These experts can review clients data from anywhere in the world via our UK Reliability Data Center and deliver practical guidance that will improve plant reliability.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is performed routinely as part of a condition based maintenance strategy to provide powerful information on lubricant and therefore machine condition. Trending oil analysis sample results over the life of a machine, can help extend Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) and eliminate costly breakdowns.

Laboratory oil analysis data is imported automatically into Machine Sentry creating a record with all data necessary for the analysts to provide a recommendation to the maintenance team.

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Machine Sentry® is a revolutionary new approach to condition monitoring that offers a cost effective solution coupled with high level analysis support.

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